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Children's choir sings Fourth Sundays. Practice is at 7:00PM on the Thursday and Saturday, at 9:00AM prior to the Fourth Sunday

Volunteers Needed for Student Mentoring Program

“It takes a village to raise a child” this old African adage is time and again proven to be true in all types of settings from small rural towns, to big cities, and even the suburbs. A Mount Laurel based mentoring organization is partnering with local schools and parents to help children who are at risk for social and academic difficulties.

“The T.I.M.E. Mentoring Program uses trained volunteers who commit to work with students, one-on-one, for 1 to 2 hours per week during the school day says Rev. Terrell Person, director of the program. Our goal is to work together with families, and the schools to help students who may be having difficulties academically, socially, or with self-esteem.” Children come to the program as a result of a referral from parents, teachers or other intervention specialists and are matched with trained community volunteers. The volunteer mentors meet with their students once or twice per week during the lunch hour.

Mentors and students play on the playground, work on schoolwork, read, or do other activities together in the classroom. All meetings and activities take place at the school during the lunch hour. The T.I.M.E. mentoring program is currently underway in Mount Laurel at Springville, Hillside, Countryside, and Hartford schools. “We have plans to expand to include schools in Camden. “There is such a need for mentoring programs. There are children out there with great potential, they just need a little extra support and help says Person. “We have no shortage of children who could benefit from mentoring; what we really need are caring and enthusiastic adults willing to donate 1 hour per week for the 26 week school year.” A one hour commitment of time can easily result in a lifetime of positive change. If you are interested in learning more about the mentoring program and how you can help, please call 856/235-7900.